TeX/LaTeX at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

RuG TeX installation

TeX and LaTeX are widely used by scientists for typesetting scientific texts and presentations. With TeX and LaTeX it is easy to generate high-quality pdf output, which can be exchanged with others whether or not they use TeX themselves.

Windows workstations at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen have access to a LAN-based installation of TeX and LaTeX. This TeX installation is available both for staff and for students.

The RuG TeX installation is based on TeX Live.

LaTeX house style classfiles

There are LaTeX classfiles for house style letters (staff only) and presentations; see the house style page.

LaTeX introduction

The book and practice files of the LaTeX introduction are available from CTAN.


October 5 2016. The 2016 release should be activated very soon.

September 20 2016. The 2016 release of the TeX Live installation is in place but not yet integrated in the Start menu.

January 14 2016. The 2014 TeX Live installation has been disabled. If you run into trouble, start the 2015 TeX Live launcher via Start / All Programs / Text Processing / TeX Live 2015. It may be necessary to rerun the initializer from the Tools menu.

October 26 2015.The LaTeX classfiles for the RUG house style have been updated; see the house style page.

October 14 2015.The new version has been delayed by unexpected problems with RES integration, but now TeX Live should really be upgraded to the 2015 edition within a few days.

Filetypes may still be shaky. If you run into trouble, you can either start programs from the laucher or run the Tools / Re-initialize TeX Live menu entry. With the latter action, you should at least be ok for the duration of the session.

August 24 2015.TeX Live should be upgraded to the 2015 edition within a few days. If you run into trouble you should first try to rerun the launcher.

August 4 2015. The 2015 edition is now in beta. Most of the changes are under the hood.More details here.

October 2 2014. In a few days, a new edition of TeX Live and the launcher should become available. All components have been brought up to date. The most visible change is that in most cases the launcher is closed as soon as a selection has been made. If necessary, rerun the launcher (Start > All Programs > Text Processing > TeX Live 2014) to make sure that everything is configured properly.

Unfortunately, we saw no way to have the 2014- and 2013 editions available side by side under RES Workspace Manager without them interfering with each other. See also the troubleshooting page.

Even so, there are unresolved problems with file associations.

April 14 2014. The problem with file associations on the new UWP2 appears to be solved, also for TeX Live.

April 1 2014. For several weeks now, the UWP2 has trouble with file associations. In general, the workaround is to invoke a Refresh Workspace menu item at the start of a session. Unfortunately, this does not help for TeX Live: you also need to start TeX Live from the text processing menu and invoke Re-initialize TeX Live from its Tools menu. If you use a non-default editor, you also need to re-select it.

March 6 2014. There are small updates of the launcher and of the house style. The two presentation classes are now also available to students.

February 4 2014. Course materials for the 2014 LaTeX course have been uploaded.

December 4 2013. The instructions for accessing TeX Live at tl_rug.html have been updated for the new UWP2.

September 4 2013. Upgrade to TeX Live 2013; see tl_rug.html. In a departure from previous editions, the NAL entry now is a launcher for the various components. There is still a local TeX Live submenu, but it only contains an uninstaller.

December 18 2012. New: LyX has been added to the network installation. This is a more-or-less WYSIWYG LaTeX editor. Rerun the installer to get a LyX menu entry in your TeX Live menu. Read more about LyX...

October 23 2012. The LaTeX course page has been updated for the 2012 LaTeX course.

October 3 2012. The document Figures in LaTeX has been updated. This document describes how to prepare graphics for inclusion into a (La)TeX document, although for newbies there is also a brief discussion of macros.

August 23 2012. TeX Live has been updated to the 2012 edition; see tl_rug12.html. The additional components have also been updated to the latest versions.

February 7 2012. Bug fix house style (rug07beamer).

January 31 2012. Updates to the housestyle; see the house style page.

October 26 2011. All files for the 2011 LaTeX course are now available here.

September 28 2011. There has been a minor update of the add-ons. The most visible change is that TeXmakerX has been renamed to TeXstudio. Please rerun the installer if you use this editor.

March 1 2011. The 2008 edition of TeX Live will be removed on May 2 2011.

March 1 2011. For problems with Adobe Reader X, see this page.

December 14 2010. The latest TexMakerX has adopted the TeXworks pdf viewer with tex-pdf synchronization. It remains possible to use an external pdf viewer.

November 12 2010. All LaTeX course files now available here.

October 1 2010. The new TeX Live is now available for students and for FEB faculty. Other people can ask the CIT helpdesk for access. It should still be considered a work in progress.


RuG TeX pages last revised on December 8 2016