WinEdt at the RUG

The WinEdt LaTeX editor is licensed to some users at the university. Check whether WinEdt shows up under Start > All Programs > Text Processing.

WinEdt is a virtualized application, which makes it harder to integrate into TeX Live. Therefore the following instructions:

Manually configuring WinEdt for TeX Live 2016

First, in WinEdt, click Options > Configurations > TeX Live.

Then, click Options > Execution Modes > TeX System tab. All Auto-detect boxes should be checked except the top-most for TeX Root. Enter in the TeX Root field the following string, e.g. using copy-and-paste:
Click the Apply button at the bottom. Now all other text fields should point to files and subdirectories under the new TeX Root. Finally, click the OK button.

Making WinEdt the default LaTeX editor

Although WinEdt has an interface for setting up file associations, this interface will not work within RES Workspace Manager. Use instead the item Make WinEdt the default LaTeX editor in the Start > All Programs > Text Processing menu.

Viewing pdfs

If the default pdf viewer does not work right, consider using SumatraPDF. In WinEdt, click Options > Execution Modes > PDF Viewer tab. Make sure that Auto-detect is unchecked. In the second text entry field, enter the string (again using copy-and-paste)
Or point it to a portable installation on e.g. a usb stick, the D:-drive or the X:-drive. Next, click the Apply button.


RuG TeX pages last revised on December 8 2016