Other problems

See the File associations page about trying to configure which program should open which type of file.

Other limitations of a RES UWP:

Some specific problems you may encounter when running our TeX Live:

How can I configure TeXnicCenter with Adobe Reader as pdf viewer?

This option is no longer supported. The TeX Live Launcher has an item under Tools to reconfigure the TeXnicCenter output profiles. There used to be a choice between SumatraPDF (a component of our TeX Live) and Adobe Reader. When in the past RES made this more difficult, I dropped Adobe Reader altogether, also because of the advantages of SumatraPDF (no file locking and source-pdf synchronization). Of course, you can still view the generated pdf with Adobe via other means.

The LaTeX editor cannot view the pdf

If there is a built-in viewer (TeXworks, TeXstudio), use it. Otherwise, try SumatrPDF. The location of our SumatraPDF is \\workspace.rug.nl\aps\serverbased\texlive\2016\rugextras\sumatrapdf\sumatrapdf.exe

Or try to double-click the pdf in Windows Explorer or in another file manager.

The LaTeX editor no longer generates pdf

This may be due to damage to your profile, to changes in the underlying system, or Adobe Reader or Acrobat may have locked the file. If file locking is not the problem, try to refresh your settings: close your LaTeX editor, run the launcher from the RUG menu and click on Tools / Re-initialize TeX Live.

LuaTeX or XeTeX hangs

Probably LuaTeX or XeTeX is just busy generating or updating a font cache. This can take a long time. In the case of XeTeX it may be necessary to update the font cache separately. The Tools menu has an entry for this.

TeXnicCenter- or dviout help does not work

These programs use compiled html for help. Windows considers this file format – like many Microsoft-developed formats – too unsafe to handle unless the file comes from a safe location. At the same time, Windows may not recognize our network drives as safe.

Workarounds: I know of no workaround which works from within TeXnicCenter or Dviout. But some relief can be had in one of two ways:


RuG TeX pages last revised on December 8 2016