Many problems can be solved by simply re-initializing TeX Live, which is an item in the Tools menu of the launcher. Some specific problems:

The LaTeX editor no longer generates pdf

This may be due to either damage to your profile or to changes in the underlying system. Close your LaTeX editor, run the launcher from the RUG menu and click on Tools / Re-initialize TeX Live to refresh your settings.

The LaTeX editor can compile a LaTeX file only once

Due to some unfortunate interaction between our network and some software, it may sometimes be impossible to overwrite an open file. Cases:

Close the pdf before recompiling your document.
Adobe Reader as previewer for any LaTeX editor
Close the pdf before recompiling your document. But consider using another previewer:
The internal previewer: Options / Configure TeXstudio / Build / PDF Viewer
SumatraPDF: launcher Tools menu, (Re)configure TeXnicCenter (SumatraPDF)
This editor is not part of our TeX Live installation. Problems here are much worse: you cannot even replace your LaTeX file. You can avoid the problem by saving files locally, but then you need to take care of backups yourself. Consider using TeXstudio instead, which is a derivative of TeXmaker and is already part of our TeX Live installation.

LuaTeX or XeTeX hangs

Probably LuaTeX or XeTeX is just busy generating or updating a font cache. This can take a long time.

TeXnicCenter- or Dviout help does not work

These programs use compiled html for help. Windows considers this file format – like many Microsoft-developed formats – too unsafe to handle unless the file comes from a safe location. At the same time, Windows may not recognize our network drives as a safe location. You can complain about this to ICT via an online form.

Workarounds: I know of no workaround which works from within TeXnicCenter or Dviout. But some relief can be had in one of two ways:


RuG TeX pages last revised on August 2 2014