\pdfpxdimen primitive patch

This is a Web patch file for pdfetex.

The change file for pdfetex does two things:

  1. It allows a new dimension specification keyword: "px", similar to "ex" and "em", but using the new internal counter "pdf_px_dimen" instead of the current font.
  2. It defines the new primitive \pdfpxdimen, to set this internal counter (the value is the number of scaled points in one px, default is set by initex to be: 1px = 1pt = 65536sp).
\pdpxdimen obeys grouping and (at the moment) it does not become 'fixed', you can change the value during the TeX run as often as you like. Dimensions using "px" are converted to "sp" units right after an actual assignment has been done, of course.

 The change file