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Texutil logoC port of texutil.pl

I have created a C port of the perl script texutil from the ConTeXt distribution.

The Makefile supports two different targets: with and without direct linking to the kpathsea path search library (default is standalone). License: GPL version 2 (for the kpathsea version), or the ConTeXt license as defined in mreadme.pdf (for the standalone version)

Index key remapping and perl module plugins are not supported (both features are actually unused in the current distribution of ConTeXt). All other differences from the 'standard' texutil are bugs, and even though I give no warranty whatsover, I would still like to know about those so that I can fix the source.

Download: C source and Makefile (17 mar 2004, based on texutil.pl 8.2)

Quick installation instructions for the Linux/Unix standalone version
(see Makefile for the kpathsea version):

  1. Download both files to a temporary directory
  2. Run "make texutil"
  3. Move the resulting 'texutil' executable to somewhere in your path

It should compile under Win32 without many problems, but I cannot test that.

Taco Hoekwater | taco@elvenkind.com | Wed Oct 16 15:28:56 CEST 2002